Silvia Network

Released: May 2016

Status: Private Internal Software

Silvia Network is my network infrastructure software.  It manages my data Security, Management, and over all network diagnostics. Silvia Network is an internal program that will not be made for sale. It works on all of my devices. macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Windows, Linux.




Released: May 2018, Discontinued June 2020

Price: Free

iChefBook is a Cookbook made for you! It gives you the power to store all of your beloved recipes all in one location! No more having to mix recipes with your notes! With picture integration, you can see what you are going to cook; and with a rating system, you can judge how hard the recipes are to make! iChefBook gives you the power to prepare and enjoy!


Released: May 2018, , Discontinued June 2020

Price: Free

Do you Love Puppies? Why not get adorable puppy stickers! More Puppies Stickers to Come! 30% of all proceeds go to the ASPCA. With your purchase we will be able to get more dogs...And help animals in need!

Loan Calculator Pro X

Released : May 2020, Discontinued June 2020

Transitioning to web-only App

Price: Free

Loans. Made Easy.

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